What are the social sciences?

The social sciences were born in the 19th century. A discipline that has transformed the individual and collective life of the population. It allows us to better understand the upheaval experienced by society. The study of social sciences allows to analyze the society in its evolution and its decadence.

Definition of social sciences

The social sciences are concerned with the activities and behavior of human beings. They analyze everything that does not belong to natural science. In everyday life, social interaction is the result of different rules and norms that exclude universal laws. Social sciences are mostly devoted to the analysis of the evolution of societies, the cognitive system and social interaction. The social sciences allow the study of declared intentions. They study everything that is related to the manifestations of society, whether symbolic or material. The social sciences are also interested in the demography of the society. The demography allows to know the evolution of the collective life.


Sociology is an integral part of the social sciences that allows to analyze the social reality. It allows to show the functioning of a society and its composition. Moreover, it allows to know the change of the society. In his analysis, the sociologist takes into consideration all the phenomena that allow to understand the collective life. In sociology, it is possible to find the study of politics, education, law, religion, industry, economy, etc. The study of all these elements contributes to the understanding of the society as a whole. Sociology attempts to find relationships between each social phenomenon that occurs within the society itself. There may be specialization in a particular area in order to have a much better understanding of society.

Social Psychology

Social psychology is part of the social sciences. It allows us to understand the relationships between individuals and the society in which they find themselves. It is important to know that the behaviors and feelings of individuals are influenced by the presence of other individuals. The individual is the main element studied by social psychology. Among the subjects of research studies are the influences of the social context on the attitudes of the individual. Specialists also attempt to understand the interaction of individuals within a group. Social psychology is concerned with the relationships between individuals or groups of different ethnic backgrounds. Social sociology also makes up the social sciences.

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