Tips and training to learn photography

Photography is an art like any other. If you are a true photo enthusiast, practice over time will undoubtedly improve your skills. And like any art, it is essential to learn the basics before perfecting your skills.

Everything you need to know about photography

The basis for learning photography is first to know how to expose an image (exposure). The mastery of the depth of field is also a notion to take into account. In addition, it is important to ask yourself the right questions before taking a picture. Where does the light come from? How will the photo look with this light? Is it sufficient, soft, strong or hard? What is the story I want to tell? It is important to know that light is the most important element in the creation of a photograph. Therefore, you must know how to manage and control the exposure of light on your camera in order to obtain a quality photo. Three elements are very important when exposing a photo, namely: - the opening of the diaphragm, -the shutter speed, -the ISO sensitivity. The aperture is similar to the eye mechanism, the more the aperture (pupil) is open, the more light it lets in. You can therefore reduce or enlarge the size of the pupil. In portraiture, it allows you to obtain a blurred background. (large opening of the diaphragm) On the other hand, in landscape photography, a small aperture will increase the depth of field. If the light is insufficient, a small adjustment is necessary: increase the ISO sensitivity or use longer exposure times (long pause photo) or simply open the aperture of your lens. Also, light coming from the front will crush any perspective. It is always best to take the photo in the evening or morning when the sun is at 45 degrees.

Avoiding beginner's mistakes in photography

Most beginners in photography often make the mistake of thinking that successful photography means a high-end camera. Yet it's much better to learn the basics with the camera you have and improve as you go along with cameras that offer the options you need to improve. Framing is also often neglected by photo enthusiasts. The framing is essential in the learning of photography. Several rules must be followed, including the rule of thirds. The concept of framing also allows to obtain sharp photos and avoid blurred. Concerning the focal point, one is enough. Avoid taking several focal points so as not to spread yourself too thinly when taking a photo. Among other things, to obtain beautiful photos, the control of colors is also essential. Several factors affect the colors: the white balance, a calibration of the screen for right colors are essential bases on the colorimetry. And finally it is also essential to learn how to develop after taking the picture.

The essential techniques in photography

In photography, techniques abound. Macro photography, for example, offers infinite possibilities. Apart from this technique, we can find: nature photography, animals and plants, landscape photography, portrait photography ... The technique of light shadow photography is equally important in photography. It is through training that we acquire the right techniques to succeed in photography. It is also important to choose the right camera and equipment as you improve. The materials have become more and more accessible. Join the communities of photographers to share and exchange on the methods and techniques to adopt. Photography allows you to express your creativity. Perfect your technique to make a difference in the world of photography.

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