Characteristics of art deco

Art Deco has been around for many years. An excellent way to enhance a space. The art deco as painting, sculpture ... have become essential in our society. But, what are the characteristics of art deco? This is what we will try to answer in this article.

The ornamental art deco

The artists of art deco are quite demanding on the realization of an exterior and interior decoration according to the trend.ornamental art deco takes into account the spirit of the place. It leaves the frameworks of exuberance and focuses on more careful achievements. The realization of the ornamental art deco is not limited to the intervention of a single professional. Several artists can intervene to bring their own know-how to the implementation of the ornamentation. That's why we find different elements on the facade of a home, a combination of talent that can perfect the ornament of the house. For the ornamental, you need paint that gives meaning to the work.

Diversified materials

Art Deco is all about what is beautiful. One of the characteristics of art deco is the use of various materials to achieve incomparable results. The artists do not favor one material in particular. It is necessary to use a wide variety of materials in order to achieve art deco. The use of a wide variety of materials will produce beautiful results, and will also vary the standard of the building. Affordable materials for low-cost buildings, while it is necessary to choose noble materials for constructions intended for wealthy customers. Choose the right materials to complete the art deco.

The details

In art deco, it is essential to add special importance to the detail. The windows should be chosen carefully. They can have any shape you wish. Patterns give character to the building. They are everywhere and represent different symbols. Floral patterns are timeless and give a special charm to the building. They include vines, leaves, trees, flowers, etc. In the context of art deco, the ironwork brings robustness to the construction. It can be made with simple or complex patterns. The ironwork can be painted to match the rest of the art deco. The ironwork depends on the budget at your disposal, but it brings more to the construction. It is necessary to take into consideration the small details that make the art deco successful.

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