What are the essential positions in the making of a film?

The making of a film requires a good preparation. For the shooting of a film to take place in good conditions, it requires the intervention of several posts. Discover the various essential posts in the shooting of a film.

The director

Among the positions involved in the making of a film is the director. He takes care of the artistic side of the shooting. The director collaborates with the cinematographer for the framing and the installation of a good lighting. He also works with the actors so that all the actions to be done are well coordinated. He is assisted by an assistant. He also works with the sound engineer. The director can also take on the role of producer. A double function which obliges him to also take charge of the logistic part of the film. In this case, it is important that he surrounds himself with an excellent assistant director.

The production manager

The production manager is in charge of the organization of the shooting. He takes care of the paperwork. He organizes the shooting days. This is why he is not usually present at the shooting location. The management of the film's budget is under his responsibility. The production manager works with assistants and production managers. In the context of film shooting, it is necessary to separate the logistical and organizational parts. This simplifies the realization of the film.

Other positions

In the field of film making, the scriptwriter is indispensable. He makes sure to take note of the information of the shooting. This facilitates the editing process. The set designer chooses the most appropriate sets for the film. Concerning the chief stagehand, he is in charge of all the machinery on the set. He makes sure that everything works and that the members of the filming team are safe. He may have to make different elements that are essential for the filming. The sound engineer takes the sound directly on the set. He surrounds himself with assistants so that the sound recording is well done. The general manager's mission is to take care of the logistics (equipment, food...). He works with assistants so that everything goes well. On the set, there is also the boom operator, he takes care of the sound by choosing the adequate material. It should be noted that many positions are involved on the set for the realization of the film project.

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