How to have your painting appraised?

Published on : 26 November 20215 min reading time
Artists do not know how to estimate their painting. This is really a problem for them. This article serves as a resolution for them. We will develop it here.

A notion on the estimation of the painting

The first essential step is to estimate the painting if the artist wants to sell it. This work can be a statue, a painting or something else. There are three types of estimates. The first phase is to plan the auction. It is felt that paintings are sometimes not considered too highly, as they must first meet the buyer’s requirements. The second is the sale with an agreement, which is carried out without going through a tender or a public procedure. The third step is an estimate with insurance. In addition, several parameters are required. First of all, is it ensured that the material needed to create and repair the work is available? In the case of paintings, for example, the higher the value and cost of the materials used, the higher the quality of the work. Also, the color used by the artist is taken into consideration (whether oil or water) as well as the support. This evaluation includes the author of the work. The paintings of high-end painters now cost several million euros. It is important to note that these three elements are also important in the estimation of the painting: the period in which the work was brought to light; this is followed by a dimension, as a small work will never be the same value as one of XL size. Many people are looking for antique art in Paris. If you need information on this subject, it is in your interest to go online to

Estimation of the painting online

There may be many people who are busy or don’t have the time to go anywhere, or to go to experts in the field when selling their work. But they should not despair, thinking that the process is hopeless. Don’t forget that online painting estimation can be possible. So, it turns out that the Internet is manipulated here. You don’t have to worry about being frowned upon so that the artist presenting a work similar to yours will be jealous. On the other hand, there are other similar sites that can offer a free expertise if you only show a piece of painting. It is already used all over France. Here is how to do the job online. The painting is photographed first; it is then uploaded to the website and soon after, the value of the painting will reach you.

Having the painting professionally appraised

Despite all this, it is not customary for experts to personally evaluate and focus on the validation of the paintings they collect. A special and thorough knowledge of the painting is necessary to be able to authenticate a work of art. Not only that, but a specialist in the history of painting and its development should be the right element for these evaluations and validation of the value of paintings published on the Internet. Here, the estimate turns to the angle of competence and authentication reflected by the scroll containing the required criteria. If you do not have the financial means to hire an expert, or if you do not intend to contact these experts in the field, then the seller with the knowledge of the subject is an expert in painting; or it is in your best interest to approach a person with long experience in art or photography. This is yet another way to get out of a painting estimate.

Another estimate of the value of a possible painting for sale

If you keep trying, you will be able to estimate the value of your work based on the ways to value your painting and you will find good results in the end. Try any of the above methods, you will find your craft on the market. That is why it is included in the auction works because of its value in accordance with the numerical mark intended for the classification of the documents of that moment. Since the estimation of the work is a very important operation, you will be encouraged to find an appraisal company grouped with professionals and take care of this case of painting estimation under the service of this company. In this way, you can be sure that the painting activity will go smoothly and safely. Of course, if you do this last step, you will get the best price. In fact, the service you will be assigned to work with should have a proper estimating firm, as well as a free estimate. This will usually be done online. On the other hand, the estimating firm can also inspect the work directly. It should be noted that the art painting can be estimated from 30 euros to 350 million euros.

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